My NCS Experience

Coach journeys are lonesome without any friends…

The earphones shatter, as strangers converse;
Exchanging looks, to phone numbers,
Giving you nothing but a fake smile that you’re scared to accept.
But soon everything changes.

Growing anxiety and such little confidence is a disastrous mix,
You’re left wondering why you thought this would be such a great idea.
Clinging onto the memory of signing up with reassurance,
‘This is the experience that changes your life.’
And you were right.

Your bag is full of vegan snacks: you lacked-
Hope for the supplied friendly-foods,
Soon, a familiar face flutters on past you,
Feel-good vibes radiate through their ever-confident personality.
You introduce yourself; get talking with them and their friends.
Gelling like thick double-cream, melting all over fresh, sugar-coated strawberries,
You laugh together.

Now living away from home, in Safari tents with your new friends,
It can’t seem so made-up, even if it were a dream.
Unpacking and swapping style trends,
You prepare yourself for the first activity.

Step one, on building confidence: the Zip Wire.
Feeling lucky that the first step was on the frame closest to the ground,
And having a lot of new people around,
It was almost overwhelming-
And the jump off of the x-metres high platform was more terrifying!

Zooming down the line, feeling thousands of undefined butterflies,
Making their wings noticed, one by one.
Wiggling your legs, like two stray-strands of spaghetti,
Waiting to run away with the landing’s impact,
And detach yourself from the wire.
Plan unsuccessful! Like everyone else,
You land, bottom-first, sliding heavily in the wet sand.

Before you know it, you’ll be conquering the world-
Of climbing poles and Jacobs’ Ladders,
Abseiling, and becoming a Pro-Kangaroo-Basketball Player…
On a trampoline… with a soft ball.

Step 2: another coach journey to a University.
The tingly feeling of ‘am I on holiday?’ returns!
Seeing all of your new friends for the second week couldn’t get more interesting,
You learn so much about each other as time continues.

Dressing up in blue bin bags, and recreating the characters from ‘Avatar’,
Your team mascot you, surrounding you
With the most bizarre scene of disturbing-sounds and setting.
You have never felt so embarrassed;
Like a fish trying to climb a tree, to escape the water that it felt drowned in.
But the confidence you gained in Step 1-
Reunites you with this painstakingly-funny routine,
It comforts you as you take control, like ‘Avatar’ flying his ‘Mountain Banshee’.

You begin to plan your charity fundraiser,
A small heart-to-heart with your friends,
Opening up into a charity that synchronizes
help, happiness and health.
You know it’s this charity, that needs your support the most.

Step 3: you wander around your area for what feels like hours on end!
Trying to find the hidden centre your group are meeting at,
To arrange what you will do for the week-
Coming together like this, you will never feel more at-home-
With a group of people you’ve barely known for 2 weeks.

Designing activities and new card games to play for your fundraiser;
Dancing around the field, with telephone numbers-
Falling out of your internal-address books.
You call as many places possible, in order to help your chosen charity.
Finally you decide on your menu of feasts;
Cake sales and bric-a-brac stalls
The lads march around town collecting amazing donations:
Selections of toys, games and photo frames.
Just try to imagine anything better.

Cleaning a beach is more challenging than people think.
The hot Sun works exhaustively all day long, keeping the beach’s customers rolling on down.
Shaking donation jars around, and collecting for the charity,
We meet many of the locals’ and their children,
Whom were entertained by the cake stalls,
As Busy Bees collected pollen from plants.

The final fundraising event, held at a popular stables Fun Day,
Over 300 books and various shop donations,
The wind was our enemy!
A tiring day, as slow as the driving lessons,
Travelling at 8mph on the bumpy grass,
Thankful for everyone who came and took part.
Helping raise over £490 for charity
A summer well-spent, with NCS.

[Wave 7 Group D, ft. a very cool bike]

[Blindfold Activity]


[Book Donations]


Sonder; realisation of everyone else living a life like yours

Vivid emotions arise and enhance the vision you hold of the street before you;

Reaching out, to the sides, in front or even behind you,
Someone will be walking in a direction; towards, past, beside or away from your arm.
Barely anyone will take any notice,
Very few people would realise you exist.

But the strength in motion here,
The beautiful appreciation of Sondering in a single moment,
Highlighting the fact that you know something-
About every single person you can see;
They all have a life, family, friends,
Other people have come into all of their lives
and just like in yours, people have left.

People who are complex and insanely similar to you;
Programmed in the exact same way,
Billions of completed jigsaws, with technical intellect and ambition,
Motivation of learning drives us forwards in our own ways.
We may know a select few people, who complete our lives…
But we forget that there are so many more people,
Who deserve a chance to show us something new.

So, you conclude your vision here, drifting back into your own small world,
Full of people you see on a day-to-day basis.
Routines and arrangements reset in your mind,
Revolving around your own heartbeat, name, and life.

The Geese

A living being on Planet Lake,

They are the opposite to a Swan,
Like an evil test-tube twin,
Stealing all of the brown bread.
Getting bigger, wiser, stronger,
Their cunning blacked-out eyes,
Proves we will never know where they see,
If they glare, or if their eyes are actually just shut.

Chasing the children away from the lake’s edge,
They are only protecting the fish,
From being fished out of the water,
Linked to the sewage of the Human homeland,
World of a wasteland, filled with
Nasty beings, blaming the geese for harming others.

But they are more than just Colourful Swans,
Or their rivals in disguise,
Geese are an evolution to the Planet Lake.
Guardian Swans, that steal your daily bread;
For fishing the inhabitants, even if you return them to their water
Fishing is a wrong-doing.

Getting Back Up

Sometimes events change your perception.

They are heavy and solid, made of coal;
Launched into your guts

And before you even know what hit you,
You fall. Into mixtures of negativity and bad omen,
Feeling lost and broken, unsure where to go,
Or what to do next

But soon enough you feel a change,
A higher morality. Enhancing your true spirit,
Into accepting this cannon ball of suffering

The real you will find its way out
Seeking the world’s inner glory
Bringing your peace and satisfaction to life.

A New Emotion

It amazes me how quickly a vision can change,

Exploding with excitement like popping your first balloon.
Or bouncing along to your favourite beat,
That’s been skipping in tune with your heart,
As you follow your strong-willed belief in love.

Until the waves come crashing down, and
Tsunami reports on the news are instantly made miniscule,
Compared to the overflowing ache in the now-unstable muscle,
The sun-kissed light in your eyes murdered in a single split second,
When you find a whole new side to your idol.

Seeing yourself shattering in the mirror,
Rather than the mirror shattering at the pressure, that
Your hands inflict on the glistening screen,
Who once taught you how to be confident,
And you just learnt your worth.
But you insist on questioning what you are feeling now, the clock has stopped.

Why do things happen?
Putting your love in shambles,
Do these things you never knew were happening-
Cause life to inflict unnecessary harm,
That you now believe was karma on their part-
Trying to pull you away to see what they were hiding?

Instead of preparing you for the worst,
The haunting temperment of the situation kills,
Every good memory in your intertwined history,
But you want things to get better.
Praying that they will.
But going on, with such little trust,
And deteriorating health, lies the end.

The Power of People

We underestimate the strength everything that this planet seems to have.

Controlling the wind, earthquakes, volcanic eruption. 

Every little, or big, thing has an undisputable amount of energy and power,

But we, the human beings, only challenge ourselves.

Competing in a way like no other living creature; taking fighting for survival-

To a whole new level. And it’s almost depressing.

Watching the way things act and studying what they do, is unnatural for humans-

To build the same-sized nest as everyone else.

For the human ways are progressing, advancing, rising to an entirely new era

Focused on technology, but it’s incredibly exciting.

Despite knowing, or trying to understand, the people in charge of the planet,

Who do not care for us, but for an economy status-

Suggesting we are better than anyone else… also wanting immediate control,

Over them as well. Their dishonesty lets us down.

It’s time for people to take some time to notice the little things in life: 

Happiness, warmth, strength, others and love-

Since it’s a lot easier to feel passion, than it is to hate, it’s just human nature,

As learning to love is something we never stop doing.

And stop saving memories in closed-up bottles labelled ‘Regrets’, it’s time

To move on in life, towards a better future.

For, every living thing this planet inhabits, deserves better. Appreciation

Where Do I Go From Here?

One being, wishing upon a star

Wishing you knew who you are
Waves crash against your walls
That were built behind the calls
For you when you fell behind
The society you should now find
Try to fit in they say,
Why cant you have it your way?
You wonder as you continued
Your journey to be renewed
Renounced, reclaimed as a person
Your heart may be weighed by a ton
But know you always have me here
Supportive, caring, I’m here to cheer.

I Remember Who You Used To Be

Your smile was your strength,

In the days that no one now talks of…

But I remember;

Climbing over every obstacle,

With determination and passion,

And even when things overwhelmed you,

You pushed past the problems.

With more problems that also became-

A part of who you are today.

Conflicting yourself, despite knowing,

You were stronger than you made out to be,

Hiding from the reality that was too heavy,

For one little girl to hold by herself,

I stood by you.

And will continue to see-

The bright smile from the younger you,

My older sister.