The Love I Wanted To Keep

Lips softer than an Angel’s heart,

Eyes that glow in the Sun’s reflection
Ripple in the ocean,
You smile a light
That shines right through my reality.
Focus strongly as you hold my chin upwards.
The perfect angle; kissed by the ultimate,
Devil in disguise

The once-so-warm heart turned cold.
Apologies shouldn’t tear these trees apart;
They took so long to intertwine
Their branches like
Our small fingers interlocking,
A promise without words.
Perfect clasp,
Hopeful for a summer full of bliss
With you that would have been possible
But now our energy is escaping.

Can’t you see this is salvageable?
We have everything in common,
Yet, no spiced feelings shared
Why did you change your mind?
Late nights,
Hours of conversation, turned to dust:
Compliments burnt in the pure white fire,
Singed to ashes,
Nothing will make sense between us again.

Your eyes glistening as my tears are held back,
With the reighns of the tamer’s,
hands fragile like the pettles of the flowers,
So many bees were inside of those beautiful flowers.
Graceful was you watching over the bees
but keeping an eye on me, I saw,
Protected in your comforting branches
Never have I experienced such welcoming vulnerability

I thought you cared
Gestures genuine to my heart
Passionate actions to my skin
Willing, as I trembled over the roots of our trees,
That were once content being tucked-under the soil.
I want to stay tightly tangled with you,
But against the World and my reality
I had to escape this toxicity that remained
Still left suffering

Our branches that were once so strong,
Rotting away from each other
Grasping, begging for newfound oxygen
Our roots have been destroyed


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