Fizzy Drinks

I’m six years old.

The camera is rolling, 

It’s not my birthday,

It’s not Christmas, or Easter,

Why am I getting so much attention?

I sit back, and try to understand

How to embrace myself,

For a beaker of Fizzy Drink.

Everyone enjoys it, right, 

So what’s the big deal?

Exploding fireworks!

My taste buds cry,

Surprised, it spills.

Shockingly cool,

My skin tingles.

Ten years on, 

Sat by myself

Smiling as the glass fills

In my control, 

Addicted to Fizzy Drinks.

Spitting out of the glass

Taste twangs against my tongue

Pulling a funny face,

My first Fizzy Drink memory

Rewind the tape to start all over again


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