Playground Accomplishments: The Zip Wire

[Everyone has a fond memory of going to the park as a child. A collection of brave, first-time park structure experiences.]

Staring up and along, tentatively watching the brave young boy perch themself up and onto a small tyre seat, you sweat silently. Attached to a long metal chain, like giant paper clips, hanging onto nothing but a long, thin wire that wobbles and twangs. Trembling lips, you notice their feet as they push off, and let go from the metal ramp. Nothing was going to stop them.

Inspired, you feel ready. Beckoning your friend to push you fiercly along the zipwire, you tell them to hold nothing back. You want to be remembered as the bravest one that day.

Adrenaline is booted-up, into your system. Your ‘natural’, Computer-conscience shuts down, and the sense of Play installs within your bloodstream.

Holding tightly onto the chain, casually seeing if you can fit your finger through the gaps of the links, you are taken by surprise, swiftly swaying freely. Like forgetting you pressed Start on your favourite video game, feeling lost and left behind. Suddenly you feel the full-swing emotion as your mind catches up with your body.

You feel the very last moments of your feet touching the last part of the ramp, but you cannot reach the soft, damp barkchips that the big-kids churned up on the turn before.

Your life flashes before your eyes, but you have no regrets. However your default setting kicks in; yelling at your friend pushing you, begging them to let you zoom free. You become engolfed in the experience, overwhelmed.

You blink heavily, but the Virus inside of you unleashes the power cable of vision for the last time. Pixelated blue sky, getting closer yet further away, as you rock in mid-air, bouncing against the large tractor-tyre locked onto the end of the wire. Suspended.

Within seconds it’s all over. You’re no longer scared of the monsterous zip wire. The crowd of kids cheer at the sheer beauty of the scene. At ease, you wave at them with one hand, waiting for your friend to rush over to you, and help you off of the sweaty tyre-seat. You exit the game, proud.


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