Cat vs. Flies

Young Ponyo jumps curiously

Without an inch of stealth.

Focused, unfocused, focused once more,

A blue bottle is her prey.
Minutes turn into hours,

The search continues.

Paw-only swipes through mid-air,

Wobbling on her two back legs,

She thumps the blue bottle softly

Against the skirting board,

Squashed, under the carpet.
The blue bottle is to never be seen again

But still buzzes when Ponyo stomps

Over the carpet,

Under her favourite windowsill.
She refuses to be a cat at times

Stung by a wasp on her front paw

Digestion was her revenge

Pulling a funny face,

Meowing at her mother,

“I ate the wasp that attacked me!”

Proud with confusion.
Her inquisitive little mind

Not questioning her actions,

Set off into the garden again,

To  see what she could find.


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