With Little You: At the Beach

The waves were flowing towards the shells in the sand,

Sunk by your feet, the child’s spade,

‘Mix sand with ocean water’

The brimmed tear of accomplishment.

Triumph as the mighty castle erupts,

Tumbling over your small feet

Sing over the child’s cry, comforting.

The waves were giving water, fresh to build again.

Midday approaches

We splatter sun cream over ourselves

Spilling over the red beach towel

Rub it in so you don’t get into trouble!

You laugh, strong as the Sun’s heat

Summer with little you is rewarding.

Time to go home… my least favourite time of all.

Struggling to your feet, I hold you close,

‘Mix sand with ocean water’

The glistening eye of remembrance.

Pleased as your masterpiece stands,

Shadowing the foot-printed sand

Sing to the soft radio, calming.

The waves disappeared, promising to return.


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