My favourite animal is a Dolphin

[[I hope to make this into a children’s picture book, teaching them that fish have feelings, why eat one but not the other?]]

Grey with speckled silver,

Washing them all over.
Watching in their trance,
Glittery dolphins dance.

In spotlight white and bold,
With shining scales so cold.
Only fish who prank, are
Caught by ol’ man, Hank.

No one expected the lobster,
To be cooked up by a monster.
As it was known as a friend,
Of the pub just ’round the bend.

Sea-lions balance on balls,
and eat fish up on their stalls.
It’s funny they eat them raw,
When we cook them up before.

Some people will protect,
The Dolphins of neglect.
As they are just like people,
Who dont have to visit a steeple.


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