The River of Loving You

We should have practiced our goodbyes

Like reciting the sheets of delicate music

that were left and forgotten by the campfire.

I could see the tears brimming in your eyes,

They made me never want to say goodbye.

So we just sat there.

The light wandered away, warning us:

Time was passing, and we were not prepared.

You rode on home in pain that night,

If I could, I would have written you out:

A song so strong that sails you back to me

But my gift is useless.

My poetry made you blush a fantastic smile,

One that held for over ten thousand seconds

Time was passing, but your smile did not quake.

When missing you became unbearable,

I would write you a new love song,

Reminding you that in my heart, we still loved

To dance together, in the middle of the ocean.

If I fell asleep beside you,

You would rock me awake softly,

Like the boathouse on the river on a stormy morning.

We didn’t need the Sun to light the way forwards:

To show us that we were fixed together.

But we needed the Sun to remind us,

Life has a lot of winding rivers,

and it’s easy to fall into the opposing current.

Only when falling down the steaming waterfall,

Did I realise how much I needed you,

To make me feel unassailable.

There was no rocking-motion to calm me.

Time crumbled slowly, so I could hear every heartbeat,

Every counting ‘tick’ and ‘tock’ of the glass metronome,

Shattering murderously, as my heart fell to pieces,

Reaching the steaming ocean before me,

And for a short, sharp moment, I heard you calling.

I needed bottles of answers stored in my heart,

To recognize how I felt for you.

I never felt confident with my own decisions: 

The music I would write and send ashore,

Trapped in a cork-screw bottle,

Sent to the very depths of the profusion,

Taught me how to determine my path towards you.

I thought I didn’t have the time, to play the music

That you wrote for me, while I slept in your arms

That tempestuous night.

I wish I had tried, my regrets heavier than any mistake

Anyone could’ve made before. But,

I hope you know I’ve been keeping your lyrics safe,

In the River of Loving You.


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