Burning Fire

I found myself screaming “STAY!”

Even though you left hours ago.

I’m sat by the fire, finally out of cans

And broken glass bottles-

That were once full of answers.

Sometimes I think too much,

Overpowering times you would speak to me.

I faded out into the background noise,

Perishing in the flames of knowledge-

You knew I had not been listening.

It was not my choice, my plan,

Controlling my free thoughts, steady;

Stop for just a moment, pains me to my core.

Because I really wanted to hear your voice,

Staring into your soul, I ignored the words.

Why is it so hard to concentrate

On listening to your side of the conversation?

It’s not just you who I struggle listening to.

It’s rare for me to talk myself into new-

Situations full of hope, are they waiting?

You know I’m going to be here,

Until my thoughts unite in tranquillity.

Meditating dawn ‘til dusk, 

The challenge is to silence my mind

To heal itself at last.

Please! I can hook my heart-

To your long-vacant smile 

That was once so warm, inviting.

On the countdown to breaking-point

We asked too many “why’s” and not “when’s”.

I regret not taking more photos,

And scrapbooking every funny thing

You’ve said to me this year

Because they say memories last longer-

That way.

I stay, watching the last flame

Until it burns out, dead.

My last memory ever,

And it’s without you. Unbearable

Darkness smothers me, deceased.


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