Girl’s View on Formula F1

Almost everyone is intrigued by speed.

But why are Go-Karts so fascinating?

No speed limits, No guarantee of protection,

We all love the risking thrill of danger.

Superstar go-karters in hi-tech cars,

That look like little rocketships with wheels

Race competitively in interesting cities.

Azerbaijan, who knew it even existed?

Can they even see the track very well?

With helmets so large and round.

Barely seeing over the nose of their rocket,

Surely this is madness!

Go-getter racers expected to win,

Crash reluctantly into barriers, in fire.

Members of the crowd may leave,

Disheartened, but faith still strong.

What is a Safety Car?

Does it take them safely home?

It travels around the track, 

And disappears without a trace .

Would you watch to see the race,

Or to find out how it’s made?

Not the cars, but camera angles;

How they follow and watch racers.


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