Sleeping alone is terrifying.

I hold on to the very last star,

I see at night,

Until my mind drifts to sleep.

Tucked in tightly;

I hope the warmth of four blankets,

Ignites the warmth I feel from you,

But it just makes me restless.

Clutching the edges of my pillows,

Shuffling the sheets from over me,

I suffer ferocious heat

Calling the demons to torment. 

Nightmare after nightmare,

There’s no time to calm down.

Surely I’m too old for this?

I give up on sleeping.

The constant being-chased,

Hiding from the monsters,

That only I know to be people.

Why am I so scared of them?

I am still weak and Vulnerable,

I cannot uncover myself with bravery.

Every child finds their own sanctuary,

When protected in blankets and sheets.


3 Replies to “Nightmares”

    1. Thank you!

      I dont remembered writing it
      You know when you wake up at 3am, reply to a late night text, wake up at like 9am and think “when did i reply to that?”

      so im really amazed at the quality of this poem :’)

      feel free to share on any social media ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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