Make Memories Out Of Your Friendships

Friends are the people you care for and trust

Everyday, normal people wandering the Earth,

Just like you and me.

But we build connections with  many people,

Depending on certain qualities, we notice;

How they walk, talk, pose, 

What their attitude is,

Who they hang around with,

When they’re happy or sad…

A first impression is a vast, tainted test,

To sell yourself to the category ‘Popular’.

We are taught “never judge a book by its cover”

But we are all victims of evaluating each other.

People have feelings, hidden emotions,

Some even have a mind of their own;

Thoughts conflicting with who they are-

And who you thought they were.

But together, you learn to support them.

Friendship groups usually circulate through schools,

But I moved several times as a child.

Losing contact with my very best of friends,

Never have I had a better collection of memories,

Than trying out Karate on the school field.

Handstands up against the staffroom wall.

Getting covered head-to-toe in mud, daily.

Standing on the backs of Their BMX’s, then

Climbing trees and sitting by the water

Hiding in the farmer’s field of tall wheat.

Weeks, months, maybe even years will employ,

Holding their hand until the day

The turtledoves die, without so much 

Of a warning; terminating your life together, ferrociously.

The train has reached its final destination.

And we all have to leave and look around

This new, exciting area, meeting new people.

But memories still exist:

The first trust-exercises,

Going to the park,

Swimming in the ocean.

These things you did, will be yours to keep.

A scrapbook of the mind,

Pages torn and scribbled over,

(We all have some arguments.)

But lots of alternating coloured pages,

Your favourite, then theirs.

You practice writing in their flare, 

So it doesn’t look like something you made alone.

A recorded video that stops in places,

Rewinds to replay ten times at once;

All for the sake of seeing their smile.

But it’s worth it.

Some parts may be in black and white,

And noticeably more colourful in others.

Other parts may be too difficult to handle

So you sit with a tissue, hugging the pillow

They got you that first Christmas,

When all they knew was you liked taking naps.

This mind-forged montage of your Friendship,

Is to be protected forever.


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