Mornings With Ponyo

I open my door in the morning,

To the green, shining eyes and purring sounds

Of my cat. Rushing into my heart;

Winding between my ankles, 

Meowing away what she dreamt last night,

All for me. Kind head rubs, wandering

Towards my bed to be lifted for a cuddle,

But I want to go the other way.

I give in. Carrying her like a baby,

Cradled in my soft arms,

She sneezes, almost every time.

The motion of big unruly steps for a cat

Her size, although impressively long,

She is very short.

Interrupting me, I spill soya milk everywhere

Cheeky companion. Licking up what was spilt

I praise her with some biscuits

Carefully getting to my room again, 

She follows. โ€œLet me eat! Go eat!โ€

She pounces up and into my lap

Seconds later she head butts the bowl

From out of my hand, into my face.

When will I learn? 

Stroking her to rest, she settles

After I finally finish eating.

Closed eyes, but sheโ€™s not sleeping.

Patiently waiting for me to leave

I best reside here, before she wakes all over again.


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