Mornings With Ponyo

I open my door in the morning,

To the green, shining eyes and purring sounds

Of my cat. Rushing into my heart;

Winding between my ankles, 

Meowing away what she dreamt last night,

All for me. Kind head rubs, wandering

Towards my bed to be lifted for a cuddle,

But I want to go the other way.

I give in. Carrying her like a baby,

Cradled in my soft arms,

She sneezes, almost every time.

The motion of big unruly steps for a cat

Her size, although impressively long,

She is very short.

Interrupting me, I spill soya milk everywhere

Cheeky companion. Licking up what was spilt

I praise her with some biscuits

Carefully getting to my room again, 

She follows. “Let me eat! Go eat!”

She pounces up and into my lap

Seconds later she head butts the bowl

From out of my hand, into my face.

When will I learn? 

Stroking her to rest, she settles

After I finally finish eating.

Closed eyes, but she’s not sleeping.

Patiently waiting for me to leave

I best reside here, before she wakes all over again.


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