Life Of A Tooth

Erupting between two other teeth is challenging. 

They are in the way, struggle growing tall

Resented. I’m the new tooth but I’m unwanted?

More teeth like me, popularity rising, 

But we’re not wanted.

If consumers had a tougher diet,

I wouldn’t be living this way

I’d be packed comfortably, between teeth.

I’d be wanted.

Braces, glue on squares and thread the wire.

You’ll make the gums roomy for me.

Everything will be alright!

Excited, patiently waiting to squeeze in

A few days, every few weeks, 

I’m made feel uncomfortable

I don’t fight it; I know this is necessary,

If only this jaw was bigger,

Naturally welcoming.

Two long years pass,

Prepared for the next step,

Shining softly for the dentist.

Undergo brace-removal, steadily

Mini wood-sanding machinery,

Blazing the glue away.

We look perfect, strong together


2 Replies to “Life Of A Tooth”

  1. This poem works well as a metaphor for ‘fitting in’. What I think I’d like to see (and here’s a challenge for you) is a companion poem about a ‘tooth’ that doesn’t quite fit in – overlapping, uneven, dis-coloured – and the beauty of imperfection.

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