The Life Of An Otter

I wake up every morning, happy to see you,

Holding your hand, floating on the water.

Peaceful motion, submerged in placidity,

There’s no rushing to reach our destination.

We allow the water to take care of us,

Our fur fuzzy, noses wet,

The life of an Otter is sweet.

We are not fans of eating prey;

Survival is easier than this.

We find tall, fruitful bulrushes,

And scavenge for nuts to graze upon,

We live hand in hand with the fish.

They help propel us upstream,

The life of an Otter is honest.

Gracefully arriving, we feast our eyes:

The enchanting swamp of kelp,

A glossy, seaweed canopy over

The water’s surface, enticing us in.

A deep-sea treatment, rewarding us,

Watching you dive in, I absorb my new reality.

Life of an Otter is fulfilling.


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