Stumpy Giraffe Gets Rescued

Sheltered from the rain I stand

Short, like no other.
Discontented in wilderness of white,
Fur or Skin, I cannot tell,
But I am the only one, who is blank.
A canvas, you may say.
Preparing for burst of energetic sprays,
of Lightning-fuelled ink to come.
There is no way for me to tell,
What the future holds for me.

You found me, warm and graceful
Like no other, you look like a kangaroo
of the modern age.
You introduce yourself as a man,
Someone who understands what it’s like
To not be coloured-in.
If we were in a story book,
We would remain, black and white.
Although I cannot say, you have a defined outline,
In a black marker pen.
But features that would need to be made apparent.

Welcoming me into your home,
it’s roomy and I do not feel short.
I waddle on through,
The slippery floor is unnatural, why is it here?
Submerge your feet into grass and mud.
Notice how my hooves clip and clop,
Like that of a noble steed.
But I am not a horse.

You comfort me well, with chips and bbq sauce.
Is this how you survive?
Potatoes are a product of the Earth,
I applaud your innocence.
But I would rather feast upon the small apple tree,
The luscious plant from behind your house.

I enjoy the new flavours of golden-ripe fruit,
That cannot be found in the wild.
Some good has come out of this Modern Age.
Before long I feel an incredible sensation.
The art of happiness has made me blossom.
Spurts of colour, appearing in splashes over my stumpy-body.
The mouth-watering essence lingers,
As my legs tingle, my canvas is no longer blank.

For I am bronzing faintly under the summer’s Sun,
Dark intriguing spots and rough patches bloom,
Like the bud of a flower,
Opening up for the whole World to see.
Finally I am similar to the others.
I have fur, or coloured skin,
But it doesn’t matter which.
I feel fuzzy and warm inside,
And it’s all thanks to you.

Hoping to receive the best-of-both worlds,
I invite you to come along with me.
Grow short, stumpy apple trees for me,
And I promise I’ll share with the taller Giraffes.
I would love for you to stay with me,
But for now, I ask for you to come back soon.


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