Flowers: Why Growing In Harmony Is Important

Why do flowers grow,

On fragmented soil,

Churned and nitrated?

Flowers so confident,

Anyone can see their beauty,

From fresh, green stems-

Arising from seedlings,

Dropped by the birds,

Wind-buried deep;

Unhealthy and toxic,

Composted in desolate land.

How do flowers grow,

Tall and wise, when

Embedded into the soil,

Of No-Man’s Land?

Rebelling against –

Humanity’s destruction,

Symbolising peace, restoration.

Representing a new start,

Blossoming, with a new-leaf.

We may not know How,

But the Flowers teach us Why.

[[ Flowers that grow in post-battlefields, trenches or land that has suffered from other forms of humanity’s greed and destruction, should be recognized. 

We should all realise that we know from these flowers, that Life Can Restart (or be restored) on any broken foundations. 

Things can be fixed. Relationships can heal – in time, and everything has a shot at new-found hope. But a fresh start can only happen when time is sacrificed. 

If we all work together, and follow Nature’s own, things can get a lot better. There is such thing as an even-dealing of the world. But we have to make it happen ourselves. Because the people who are in charge of our lives, and the quality of our own living standards, are the people who are against us: who are starting wars and conflict, and putting us all in danger. They’re even going to say Humans don’t need “Rights” and there will be nothing we can do about it! We need to rebel. Potentially Overthrow the government because we’re speeding past Right Wing Conservatives and onto Nazism and Fascism. 






#NewWorldOrder … will kill us all. ]]


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