Explore Your Spirit

Truly explore your mind for just a moment…

Sit in solitude and respect the air around you,

Do you feel fulfilment within yourself?

Is being Proud an oxymoron,

When you are dying inside with crippling anxiety?

Hear the whispers carried through the wind.

Study the water droplets that fall,

Flowing from the ends of your hair in the shower,

Calming motion of hundreds of water beads,

Free-falling in synchronized spirals.

Bathe in nature’s beauty.

Surround yourself with the essence-

Of the sanctuary, known as the Wild.

Listen to the soft chirping of the birds,

Feel the emotion trembling from the sky.

As the Sun falls gracefully to the West,

Calling the non-luminous Moon,

From behind the clouds, to watch over us.

Stars whizz around the darkening sky,

I wonder if they really just are… ‘Stars’.

Supernovas occur rapid, screaming,

Into the depths of a black hole.

Illuminating its galaxy, steadily bouncing near,

But We stand open-minded, reluctantly,

Clear Skies open before us, supporting our needs.

Waiting to feel more open-minded, 

Teasing my mind with sleep. Cosy,

Resting against the pillows,

Tense muscles retract at last,

Allowing my Chakras to measure my content state.

Positivity rushes through me,

Like false-honesty, scared of the truth.

Burning lips and tainted eyes,

Everyone thinks that I’m doing fine,

Little do they know, it’s a cruel, harsh world.


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