Your Voice Can Cure This Wasteland

Sitting pretty; a perfect creation.

Looking up and out of the window,

Travelling at Super-Speed, you turn,

Studying the view as city merges to stone,

Fields blend with Wasteland, surrounding

Your beating heart, you remain still, for

You cannot change this world.
Trapped air fills your lungs heavily,

As if falling through the sky in peace-

Is normal. You are not allowed to fight,

Or whine, or repeat words that sound,

Like honest screams found deep from your soul.

Pulling on the strings of your voice’s harp,

Only beautiful melodies were heard.

Because “nothing is wrong with Planet Earth”.


3 Replies to “Your Voice Can Cure This Wasteland”

    1. yeah that’s the idea

      People are watching the world struggle, but even those who try to get the message across that something needs to change, their words are blocked out and crushed

      I wrote this poem on the train, watching the scenery change from the city to fields

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