The Suffocating Wind

Sometimes the wind blows so hard,

It’s difficult to feel if you’re still there-

Beside me, hidden by gushes of all forces,

Attacking from all angles against us. 

Forwards, is supposedly the best way to go,

But backwards, I know what to look out for,

A sure-fire way to happiness, and innocence,

Back to a time when I was intrigued to be little.

How different my life could have been,

Plays my mind harsher than a broken record.

The wind suffocates all possible confidence,

It squeezes my hand so tightly; I cannot trust it.

As if fate has something out to get me,

To throw me so far down the ladder of self-esteem.

I’ve struggled to climb for many years now,

Just to reach the vision of you, my strong future-self.

I’m wobbling ferociously but I’ve never held on-

With such passion. Hoping to prove to this cruel world,

That I am stronger than it believes.


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