Hedgehog Adventures

Awakening in my pile of Autumn leaves,

I yawn with happiness, stretching my legs,

I stick my nose out of the leaves and sniff!

It’s evening. The air is subtle and musky…

I feel safe to take my first steps outside.

After a long, warm sleep, I’ve been prepared-

To endure in my nightly, 1-mile stroll.
Setting off, into the golden, glowing Sunset,

I look up and study the scenery in awe,

Lots of flashing lights, illuminating the sky,

To the shallow, sleek star-struck field of nature.

I wish I could move my leaf-pile house here!

The steady silence is easy to fall in love with:

You can wander with no anxiety, simply existing.
An abundance of berries blinds me-

With joy! I munch on their fruitful colours.

Regaining energy, I come across something new;

A small hut, covered in leaves, it’s cosy-looking.

I look inside to see if it’s a vacant little house,

Feeling like the naughty, young ‘Goldylocks’.

Eventually, I begin to forget what was important,

My small pile of leaves, the perfect Hedgehog Home.


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