I, The Hamster

Thousands of tiny, inaudible sounds,

Pierce through the skin in an instant.
It’s hard to cope with such small ears,
Noises that should be tiny, have huge effect.
Child scraping against the metal bars
As the sun rises, irritates, And
I just want to sleep and block it all out.

A radio: Instruments and Vocals too strong for lungs to bare.
They should’ve exploded by now,
Jingles and slogans, child-happy laughter that seems otherwise amusing,
Increases the pain in my head…
But I know I am loved.

Called out for, I wrinkle my nose, as the sawdust-nest cascades around me.
Bright light almost blinds and there’s a potent pong,
of soapy hands reaching out for my fragile body…
A cuddle! So comforting and warm,
Releasing all anger from the sounds I suffer.


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