Flying Starfish

Everyday, I complete ordinary Sea-Star activities.

Sticking to the stones in the sand,
Absorbing vital nutrients day by day.
But the water is changing…
The sea is filling with dark energy,
Sharp and broken ‘things’ appear-
Without warning.
Routines are not made to be broken
But today I need to make a change…

Shuffling over my rocky bed,
I let the water wash me ashore,
Fleeing from my home, I regret my choice.
Instantly the sense of danger arises.
Under attack! I have been captured…
Taken into flight, in the gullet of a bird.
Petrified I fight to fall back into the ocean,
I pray to return to my rocky bed.

Thrown and bitten, I scream in terror
“I am not a fish!” I cry, “I am not your prey!”
Unheard, I get tossed and carried away,
Never to be seen again, on the beach of Nairn.


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