Playing With My Future

I mostly remember the days when it used to rain,

When I would be stuck in the house, alone

With the purple cube, a retro video-games console.

Setting up, untangling all the wires from yesterday,

I scan my collection of games, what do I want to play?

I never completed one game. 

I’ve always grown up, imagining to have a successful life:

To be likeable, have a million-and-one jobs,

And to have a lot of loving pets. 

But, like the videogames, I fear more as I get older.

The people I meet are mean and working,

Only to pay the higher-people. 

There’s very little chance for me,

To succeed. To complete just one of these videogames,

At an Amateur level, 16XP and with 0 gold rings,

Is more than I am capable of… but I accept this challenge.


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