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I wish to become a poet! Or at least, a good writer, who can make others believe that even bad memories can be made into happy poems. Here’s an insight to my life, beliefs, ideas about the world and more.

First of all, I hope to inspire people with my poems. So please comment any requests of poems you would like me to make! Read my sidebar for more information.

It’s not a bad thing to look back at your life, and wonder what you have learnt, or ponder over if you have gained any new skills, hobbies or desires at all that are worth taking advantage of and develop your own idea, or possible business from it in your future. I am keen to keep moving forwards; making every day a new one, where skills are learnt and people are met.

I decided to delve into the world of poetry, to unlock the ability of self-expression. Poems can also help find our inner person: who we really are and should be.

I’ve never been a confident person. I’ve always seemed to struggle to have any belief that I am capable of doing ordinary things / activities.

I would definitely say that, over time, I’ve lost excessive amounts of; self esteem, self-empowerment, nearly all aspects of energy, and my motivation. Stopping me from believing in doing anything ‘normal’.

If I could show my 10 year old self a diary, or photo album, or scrap book of my memories from the past year, I genuinely believe that I would have thrived for a bit longer, in terms of being a more stable-being.

Wall Climbing
I almost made it to the top!! (I got a bit higher than where I am in the photo)


Diversity in taste of music inspires a lot of things, including different styles, strange new fashion trends and trying to find who you truly are as a person.

Here’s a classic example of what I mean:

It’s time to stop being such a rare kid and start doing proper life things…

Said no one ever.

Today I devote my time in researching what artists / bands / albums I added the most to my Spotify playlists throughout the last few years. You can follow: My Spotify Account, here! (Link opens in new tab).

What music have I been into?


  1. Panic! At The Disco: I got into this band in 2011, in Primary school (omg)! And they have been very great throughout their music career (in my opinion). They have always been able to cheer me up and every time their music appears in my life, everything just feels so much better! #BrendonUrie4Life
  2.  Fall Out Boy: I was a right greeb in this fine year haha! Going down to Chinnerys and seeing ‘Fell Out Boy’ (tribute band) play live on Halloween, and again in 2015 the following Halloween! They’re well known for their excessively-long song titles, and will forever be… more punk than 5SOS! (:
  3. The Kooks: will forever hold a golden position in my heart for music. The vibes of mixed grunge and past-me intertwine perfectly.
  4. The Downtown Fiction: I don’t remember a lot about listening to this band, but having all of the songs downloaded to my original playlist suggests that they were in my top 5 for some time!
  5. Ellie Goulding: as my fifth and final choice for my 2014 reminisce, I can state that Ellie Goulding is a true super star and I’m still listening to her material often… like, a lot!


  1. Modern Baseball: make way! Make way! It’s the rise of Good Music!! This band is soooooo extraordinary they’ll make Ramshackle Glory and the Moldy Peaches ashamed to say they’re punk. Despite not being the ‘shoutiest’ of punks, I admire Modern Baseball for being extra cool and quirky with their almost indie-punk vibes.
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers: I’ve been a Red Hot Chili Peppers’ fan since I was a little kid; since my mum had their albums playing in the car quite often.  But in 2015 especially, I began listening to more of their materials and getting into the rock genre, delving into heavier music from here onward a few months, including the bands: Hands Like Houses, Never Shout Never, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon, and Seaway!
  3. The Pretty Reckless: I’m not as big a fan with this band’s genre of music in general anymore and so there’s very little love left in my heart for The Pretty Reckless. A good memory is of me, in my ’emo-cool’ phase (which I do laugh at now) walking around school, going to and from lessons, or sitting in lessons with their songs playing in my earphones. One time, in a science lesson, I had turned up, paused my music and swiped the Spotify from off my phone screen, to prevent it from playing during class. However, on a number of occasions, Only When I was In Science of course, everyone could hear my music restart and play through the earphones. Bass pounding through my blazer pocket against the edge of the table, rattling “basic kids'” brains heavier than if they were standing next to the speaker in a live-concert. (I loved science so wouldn’t of chose to do this!) Honestly, I do not recommend risking playing any ‘hardcore’ tunes during school; even if you do try to have it turned off in lessons.
  4. The Fray: They’re emotional, they’re well-known, they are a bloomin’ good band and will always be represented by the standard fave “How To Save a Life“. However, I much preferred “You Found Me” and I produced several art works for my art GCSE based on their music and style. It wasn’t morbid at all – in case you’re wondering!
  5. PVRIS (pronounced ‘Paris’): I’m so excited already! Their songs are always in my head and White Noise is currently in the background of my brain as I’m trying to keep focus on writing this for you, if indeed, you’re still reading… PVRIS couldn’t have been discovered (in my world) at a better time. I could listen to them when I was; happy, and feel ecstatic, sad and be cheered-up, or angry, and feel the lyrics and passion that was worked-into each of their songs. Similarly, Paramore were held close to me from 2014 – 2016. I’m not as big a fan now, although the albums Riot and Brand New Eyes, are still put on in the car every now and then.


  1. Days N Daze: Finally entering my hardcore-sweaty-punk stage, I went straight into Days N Daze with a desire for attitude, loud noises, moshing and anything else just as punk. Surprisingly, I was the type of misunderstood-teen who thought I could have a better life living as a scummy kid who everyone thought was cool. Jokes on me though; now I’m not cool, and have no friends! 🙂

    Someone's punk
    I wasn’t a Punker. (I was a Punker)
  2. Popes Of Chillitown: These guys absolutely smash out the live shows in New Cross Inn (and everywhere else they play!) I can’t wait to see them again; I’ve even sat in their car!! A super cool band who will remain a big influence on my life… Which seems like a good thing for now…
  3. Blink-182: Of course, like everyone else, I have had my fair share of listening to “I Miss You” on repeat, for hours on end. 2016 was not the year for this, as it was probably in 2014/2015. but in 2016 I discovered their then-new album “California“. Disappointed in the disappearance of Tom Delonge, yet intrigued to hear the new style, was something that impressed me enough to even purchase the Vinyl, as well as CD and Download onto my phone!
  4. Corinne Bailey Rae:Corrine Bae” what an amazing woman! Ever since hearing an old friend sing Put Your Records On, in A 2011 school talent show, I’ve loved Corrine as an artist. Her voice, composition and style has blown me away, year after year she will remain in my top 10 (or 2016’s case, top 5) artist/band list.
  5. Enter Shikari: Well I certainly wouldn’t have expected to write on a blog, let alone write about my music taste on a well-established blog, back in 2016. But if I knew this was something that I was going to do at any stage, I wouldn’t of ever allowed myself to not have Enter Shikari on this list whatsoever. After watching a season of The Voice UK, the one with Cody Frost in, (who is my true punk inspiration and also a brilliant singer/songwriter who I’d love to meet) I discovered Enter Shikari from her covers on Youtube. I used to go to this super-quiet arcade, located above a row of shops in the high street, called Astro City. I believe it’s still there, but it might be closed now… They had a brilliant jukebox where we would all put our pennies in, and choose the most emo songs possible (My Chemical Romance tunes, of course) to claim our territory of the arcade. My choice of song was always Dear Future Historians!



Blue hair, stars on my face, lots of bright colours… Anyone would say that I’m a little bit ‘Extra’! As if that’s not enough or anyone, I’m also a herbivore / Vegan.

Being a Vegetarian just isn’t good enough: (in my opinion) animals need liberation and freedom.

So do we, as humans, we need some more support and safety all around the globe. We need more love and care in our lives. Animals are exploited more than anyone would think. Just for the use of ‘meat’, 56 billion animals are farmed and killed a year.

Think about the World, and it’s 7 billion population at the moment… a lot of the world’s human population is noted as ‘Third-World’ or as ‘Developing’ countries. Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of families, adults and children are dying from poverty, having no food or parasite-infested waters. You may think that it’s their issue, and not yours. If so, maybe you need to take a reality-check on how your life would be turned upside down if you suddenly became in a situation as turbulent as theirs.


Something we should be working towards

The question is: How do farmers support feeding and supplying water, as well as drugs and antibiotics and steroids, to 56 billion animals every year, just for the purposes of the Meat Industry (Not including Dairy, Leather, Clothes, Materialistic Products, Medicines and other animal-pieces). But the Government, who take taxes and have more money than imaginable, be unable to afford supplying food and water to the starving, unprivileged, suffering people, all around the world?


Sow being blow-torched alive to ‘remove hairs from body’

Live for positivism. Do the things that you want to do! Do what keeps you happy!

I think that the Governments and alliances whom claim to be making this New World Order are going to cause the most horrendous events this planet is yet to see. Just look at the media for a moment, they’re being extremely clever with what they’re feeding us. How many positive news stories or positive charity events are being advertised through the media today?
Not nearly as many as the media share and publicise negative stories.

You may now be asking ‘Why?’ or be sceptically thinking ‘Yeah but we need to know the crimes and stuff, so what?’… The human brain is addicted to negativity. Therefore, by giving you lots of negative and scary things to think about, you will keep revolving negative thoughts, and may not notice that you’re feeling sad or uncomfortable, alone and maybe a bit cynical.

Depression has been linked to many things. But one of the most recent discoveries is that it is linked to consuming fluoride in water. Fluoride was introduced to the water systems after World War 2, to improve dental health. But you know how toothpaste will tell you the reason why you shouldn’t eat or consume it, is because of the fluoride content inside? Well, why would you drink water that has fluoride in it if you listen to your toothpaste? You may also think, how can fluoride effect anyone physically? You feel healthy enough, right? Well think about your pineal gland! a small pinecone-shaped part of your brain, also known as the ‘third eye’. It’s the key to creativity and happiness. Fluoride brutally destroys the pineal gland, as well as other glands and parts of the body and organ systems, by forming crystals over and around it. Blocking it from functioning properly. Therefore,  I urge people to start filtering their water and pipe systems before ending up practically brain-dead. We’re literally being controlled and forced to live with these conditions and situations, and people are naturally inclined to ignore these issues, but we shouldn’t be. Not believing what the issues are will lead to passing them off, and since being told solutions to these problems is not negative enough, people refuse to engage with the information, enough to want to make a change for the better.

Depression is an unfinished art
Teacher: “wow you’re very symbolic with your work”            Me: “I’m not even expressing my pain”

Working together in a community: would you team up with a group of people from several different nationalities, who have different beliefs and religions, to make an event, party, or even just as a new friendship group? Are you the slightest bit prejudiced or racist? Scared of certain ‘groups’ or cultures for reasons you can’t explain? Maybe you are, and you don’t like to think about it, or wouldn’t want to discover how you truly feel about different ‘types’ of people. But when you think about it, everyone is equal. Every human is programmed and designed to care, love and respect. So what’s making some people feel unwelcome to the idea of mixing with people physically different to them? The media is definitely having an effect on the way we view different people. Publishing story after story about one or two select groups who are ‘attackers’ and ‘terrorists’. Even when proved made-up and some proved ‘fake’, the majority of stubborn media-fans like to stick to their guns and say ‘that group of people shouldn’t be here / exist’. It’s bonkers how little respect people have for each other. And you think, before media, a way of communications, was developed, everyone got along and enjoyed living as one big community together.

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