I, The Hamster

Thousands of tiny, inaudible sounds,

Pierce through the skin in an instant.
It’s hard to cope with such small ears,
Noises that should be tiny, have huge effect.
Child scraping against the metal bars
As the sun rises, irritates, And
I just want to sleep and block it all out.

A radio: Instruments and Vocals too strong for lungs to bare.
They should’ve exploded by now,
Jingles and slogans, child-happy laughter that seems otherwise amusing,
Increases the pain in my head…
But I know I am loved.

Called out for, I wrinkle my nose, as the sawdust-nest cascades around me.
Bright light almost blinds and there’s a potent pong,
of soapy hands reaching out for my fragile body…
A cuddle! So comforting and warm,
Releasing all anger from the sounds I suffer.

Sleeping Is A Form Of Art

Sleeping is the most creative form of art!

Merging the reality of life,

Into the realm of fantasy.

Where would you rather be?

Going to work, or dancing in the Sun?

Walking to a shop, or exploring a jungle?

These things we could do in real life…

But who takes the time,

To feel the passion of nature?

In dreams, no heat is too suffocating,

No Sun will ever burn, no pain is ever felt.

Swimming in the oceans in a dream,

A fearless experience! 

The interesting facts of the world,

Rules Define qualities of every individual,

Are beyond escapable. Freedom lies within a Dream.

Take chances and doze off in the Summer’s Sun.

Or return to the reality of life, dreaming of it.

Mystical Palace

Have you ever experienced self-peace?

The accomplished feeling of floating-

Out of your body, but you remain calm?

Surrounding yourself with the quiet Auras;

Charming Spirits will guide you there,

To a Mystical Palace for you to call Home.

As you are removed from a bustling reality,

Levitate your soul and harmonise your Spirit

To the melody played by the shining scales,

And splashing tails of Koi fish in the pond.

The Suffocating Wind

Sometimes the wind blows so hard,

It’s difficult to feel if you’re still there-

Beside me, hidden by gushes of all forces,

Attacking from all angles against us. 

Forwards, is supposedly the best way to go,

But backwards, I know what to look out for,

A sure-fire way to happiness, and innocence,

Back to a time when I was intrigued to be little.

How different my life could have been,

Plays my mind harsher than a broken record.

The wind suffocates all possible confidence,

It squeezes my hand so tightly; I cannot trust it.

As if fate has something out to get me,

To throw me so far down the ladder of self-esteem.

I’ve struggled to climb for many years now,

Just to reach the vision of you, my strong future-self.

I’m wobbling ferociously but I’ve never held on-

With such passion. Hoping to prove to this cruel world,

That I am stronger than it believes.

Happy 80th Birthday

To the lady with the choc ices,

The Koi fish pond in her back garden

Kira caught many frogs with Channie

Your Bright, curly hair, has partied with you

Wonder-woman with a super stunning personality, 

That made everyone come together

Dancing at every party,

Living life to the fullest on the dance floor

Family Occasions would not be as wild

Happy 80th Great Nanny Olive

Your Voice Can Cure This Wasteland

Sitting pretty; a perfect creation.

Looking up and out of the window,

Travelling at Super-Speed, you turn,

Studying the view as city merges to stone,

Fields blend with Wasteland, surrounding

Your beating heart, you remain still, for

You cannot change this world.
Trapped air fills your lungs heavily,

As if falling through the sky in peace-

Is normal. You are not allowed to fight,

Or whine, or repeat words that sound,

Like honest screams found deep from your soul.

Pulling on the strings of your voice’s harp,

Only beautiful melodies were heard.

Because “nothing is wrong with Planet Earth”.

Importance of Money

Money does not grow on trees,

Ducks have abnormal knees.

Money is a state-of-the-art,

Potatoes will never fart.

Coins are made from metal and gold,

While Homeless feet are left so cold.

Notes with Royal faces printed in ink,

How many have been dropped down the sink?

Money is something we do not need,

Only for the rich, to strive with greed.

Explore Your Spirit

Truly explore your mind for just a moment…

Sit in solitude and respect the air around you,

Do you feel fulfilment within yourself?

Is being Proud an oxymoron,

When you are dying inside with crippling anxiety?

Hear the whispers carried through the wind.

Study the water droplets that fall,

Flowing from the ends of your hair in the shower,

Calming motion of hundreds of water beads,

Free-falling in synchronized spirals.

Bathe in nature’s beauty.

Surround yourself with the essence-

Of the sanctuary, known as the Wild.

Listen to the soft chirping of the birds,

Feel the emotion trembling from the sky.

As the Sun falls gracefully to the West,

Calling the non-luminous Moon,

From behind the clouds, to watch over us.

Stars whizz around the darkening sky,

I wonder if they really just are… ‘Stars’.

Supernovas occur rapid, screaming,

Into the depths of a black hole.

Illuminating its galaxy, steadily bouncing near,

But We stand open-minded, reluctantly,

Clear Skies open before us, supporting our needs.

Waiting to feel more open-minded, 

Teasing my mind with sleep. Cosy,

Resting against the pillows,

Tense muscles retract at last,

Allowing my Chakras to measure my content state.

Positivity rushes through me,

Like false-honesty, scared of the truth.

Burning lips and tainted eyes,

Everyone thinks that I’m doing fine,

Little do they know, it’s a cruel, harsh world.

Flowers: Why Growing In Harmony Is Important

Why do flowers grow,

On fragmented soil,

Churned and nitrated?

Flowers so confident,

Anyone can see their beauty,

From fresh, green stems-

Arising from seedlings,

Dropped by the birds,

Wind-buried deep;

Unhealthy and toxic,

Composted in desolate land.

How do flowers grow,

Tall and wise, when

Embedded into the soil,

Of No-Man’s Land?

Rebelling against –

Humanity’s destruction,

Symbolising peace, restoration.

Representing a new start,

Blossoming, with a new-leaf.

We may not know How,

But the Flowers teach us Why.

[[ Flowers that grow in post-battlefields, trenches or land that has suffered from other forms of humanity’s greed and destruction, should be recognized. 

We should all realise that we know from these flowers, that Life Can Restart (or be restored) on any broken foundations. 

Things can be fixed. Relationships can heal – in time, and everything has a shot at new-found hope. But a fresh start can only happen when time is sacrificed. 

If we all work together, and follow Nature’s own, things can get a lot better. There is such thing as an even-dealing of the world. But we have to make it happen ourselves. Because the people who are in charge of our lives, and the quality of our own living standards, are the people who are against us: who are starting wars and conflict, and putting us all in danger. They’re even going to say Humans don’t need “Rights” and there will be nothing we can do about it! We need to rebel. Potentially Overthrow the government because we’re speeding past Right Wing Conservatives and onto Nazism and Fascism. 






#NewWorldOrder … will kill us all. ]]

Give Your Cat A Brush

Ponyo is a diamond in the ruff.

Rescued from the ditch, inside a bag,

Amongst other little kittens,

She was timid and small.


Her first glimpse of life,

And it was full of agony.

Ponyo enjoys everything,

That most other cats also love

But she isn’t the brightest cat,

That I’ve ever met.

So I like her to stay indoors,

For most of the time.

Curious little thing,

She says hello in my baths.

Sitting outside the door,

Meow, meow, meow.

Doesn’t sleep alone.

Sitting outside the door,

Meow, meow, meow.

Interrupts family conversations,

Meow, meow, meow.

She enjoys a good brush…

With my brush!

She appreciates me cleaning her litter,

and going back into it straight away.

She watches and chats to the birds

from outside my window.

I sit beside her telling her how good she is.

I hope she knows I love her.