Mornings With Ponyo

I open my door in the morning,

To the green, shining eyes and purring sounds

Of my cat. Rushing into my heart;

Winding between my ankles, 

Meowing away what she dreamt last night,

All for me. Kind head rubs, wandering

Towards my bed to be lifted for a cuddle,

But I want to go the other way.

I give in. Carrying her like a baby,

Cradled in my soft arms,

She sneezes, almost every time.

The motion of big unruly steps for a cat

Her size, although impressively long,

She is very short.

Interrupting me, I spill soya milk everywhere

Cheeky companion. Licking up what was spilt

I praise her with some biscuits

Carefully getting to my room again, 

She follows. “Let me eat! Go eat!”

She pounces up and into my lap

Seconds later she head butts the bowl

From out of my hand, into my face.

When will I learn? 

Stroking her to rest, she settles

After I finally finish eating.

Closed eyes, but she’s not sleeping.

Patiently waiting for me to leave

I best reside here, before she wakes all over again.


Make Memories Out Of Your Friendships

Friends are the people you care for and trust

Everyday, normal people wandering the Earth,

Just like you and me.

But we build connections with  many people,

Depending on certain qualities, we notice;

How they walk, talk, pose, 

What their attitude is,

Who they hang around with,

When they’re happy or sad…

A first impression is a vast, tainted test,

To sell yourself to the category ‘Popular’.

We are taught “never judge a book by its cover”

But we are all victims of evaluating each other.

People have feelings, hidden emotions,

Some even have a mind of their own;

Thoughts conflicting with who they are-

And who you thought they were.

But together, you learn to support them.

Friendship groups usually circulate through schools,

But I moved several times as a child.

Losing contact with my very best of friends,

Never have I had a better collection of memories,

Than trying out Karate on the school field.

Handstands up against the staffroom wall.

Getting covered head-to-toe in mud, daily.

Standing on the backs of Their BMX’s, then

Climbing trees and sitting by the water

Hiding in the farmer’s field of tall wheat.

Weeks, months, maybe even years will employ,

Holding their hand until the day

The turtledoves die, without so much 

Of a warning; terminating your life together, ferrociously.

The train has reached its final destination.

And we all have to leave and look around

This new, exciting area, meeting new people.

But memories still exist:

The first trust-exercises,

Going to the park,

Swimming in the ocean.

These things you did, will be yours to keep.

A scrapbook of the mind,

Pages torn and scribbled over,

(We all have some arguments.)

But lots of alternating coloured pages,

Your favourite, then theirs.

You practice writing in their flare, 

So it doesn’t look like something you made alone.

A recorded video that stops in places,

Rewinds to replay ten times at once;

All for the sake of seeing their smile.

But it’s worth it.

Some parts may be in black and white,

And noticeably more colourful in others.

Other parts may be too difficult to handle

So you sit with a tissue, hugging the pillow

They got you that first Christmas,

When all they knew was you liked taking naps.

This mind-forged montage of your Friendship,

Is to be protected forever.


Catfish: Rivalry of the Big and Small, Catfish should be friends. Small. hiding all the time, The Coral was its mother. Big Catfish swims, Attacking viciously; Eating tails of other fish, It was an evil one. But the protecting Coral, Who had worn weak, Could not stand any longer. Small Catfish was left, To defend […]

via Catfish — laurawebbpoems

Girl’s View on Formula F1

Almost everyone is intrigued by speed.

But why are Go-Karts so fascinating?

No speed limits, No guarantee of protection,

We all love the risking thrill of danger.

Superstar go-karters in hi-tech cars,

That look like little rocketships with wheels

Race competitively in interesting cities.

Azerbaijan, who knew it even existed?

Can they even see the track very well?

With helmets so large and round.

Barely seeing over the nose of their rocket,

Surely this is madness!

Go-getter racers expected to win,

Crash reluctantly into barriers, in fire.

Members of the crowd may leave,

Disheartened, but faith still strong.

What is a Safety Car?

Does it take them safely home?

It travels around the track, 

And disappears without a trace .

Would you watch to see the race,

Or to find out how it’s made?

Not the cars, but camera angles;

How they follow and watch racers.


Sleeping alone is terrifying.

I hold on to the very last star,

I see at night,

Until my mind drifts to sleep.

Tucked in tightly;

I hope the warmth of four blankets,

Ignites the warmth I feel from you,

But it just makes me restless.

Clutching the edges of my pillows,

Shuffling the sheets from over me,

I suffer ferocious heat

Calling the demons to torment. 

Nightmare after nightmare,

There’s no time to calm down.

Surely I’m too old for this?

I give up on sleeping.

The constant being-chased,

Hiding from the monsters,

That only I know to be people.

Why am I so scared of them?

I am still weak and Vulnerable,

I cannot uncover myself with bravery.

Every child finds their own sanctuary,

When protected in blankets and sheets.

Burning Fire

I found myself screaming “STAY!”

Even though you left hours ago.

I’m sat by the fire, finally out of cans

And broken glass bottles-

That were once full of answers.

Sometimes I think too much,

Overpowering times you would speak to me.

I faded out into the background noise,

Perishing in the flames of knowledge-

You knew I had not been listening.

It was not my choice, my plan,

Controlling my free thoughts, steady;

Stop for just a moment, pains me to my core.

Because I really wanted to hear your voice,

Staring into your soul, I ignored the words.

Why is it so hard to concentrate

On listening to your side of the conversation?

It’s not just you who I struggle listening to.

It’s rare for me to talk myself into new-

Situations full of hope, are they waiting?

You know I’m going to be here,

Until my thoughts unite in tranquillity.

Meditating dawn ‘til dusk, 

The challenge is to silence my mind

To heal itself at last.

Please! I can hook my heart-

To your long-vacant smile 

That was once so warm, inviting.

On the countdown to breaking-point

We asked too many “why’s” and not “when’s”.

I regret not taking more photos,

And scrapbooking every funny thing

You’ve said to me this year

Because they say memories last longer-

That way.

I stay, watching the last flame

Until it burns out, dead.

My last memory ever,

And it’s without you. Unbearable

Darkness smothers me, deceased.

Yellow Elephant

Small and plastic, You kept it in your purse.

A tiny little elephant.

We always used to ask you to show it to us,

Do you still have your small, yellow companion? 

It was very exciting to see,

For no other elephant is quite so tiny,

Or yellow, or plastic.

But fascinating just the same to us

As the elephants of the wild, or in the zoo.

Enclosed with shiny coins and crumpled notes,

Keeping them safe from harm.

It’s bright yellowness kept happy

I’ve always wondered where he came from

Did you ever tell me?

I hope to see you soon, and ask you politely,

If I could maybe say “hello”

To your tiny, yellow elephant,

That used to live inside of your purse.

The River of Loving You

We should have practiced our goodbyes

Like reciting the sheets of delicate music

that were left and forgotten by the campfire.

I could see the tears brimming in your eyes,

They made me never want to say goodbye.

So we just sat there.

The light wandered away, warning us:

Time was passing, and we were not prepared.

You rode on home in pain that night,

If I could, I would have written you out:

A song so strong that sails you back to me

But my gift is useless.

My poetry made you blush a fantastic smile,

One that held for over ten thousand seconds

Time was passing, but your smile did not quake.

When missing you became unbearable,

I would write you a new love song,

Reminding you that in my heart, we still loved

To dance together, in the middle of the ocean.

If I fell asleep beside you,

You would rock me awake softly,

Like the boathouse on the river on a stormy morning.

We didn’t need the Sun to light the way forwards:

To show us that we were fixed together.

But we needed the Sun to remind us,

Life has a lot of winding rivers,

and it’s easy to fall into the opposing current.

Only when falling down the steaming waterfall,

Did I realise how much I needed you,

To make me feel unassailable.

There was no rocking-motion to calm me.

Time crumbled slowly, so I could hear every heartbeat,

Every counting ‘tick’ and ‘tock’ of the glass metronome,

Shattering murderously, as my heart fell to pieces,

Reaching the steaming ocean before me,

And for a short, sharp moment, I heard you calling.

I needed bottles of answers stored in my heart,

To recognize how I felt for you.

I never felt confident with my own decisions: 

The music I would write and send ashore,

Trapped in a cork-screw bottle,

Sent to the very depths of the profusion,

Taught me how to determine my path towards you.

I thought I didn’t have the time, to play the music

That you wrote for me, while I slept in your arms

That tempestuous night.

I wish I had tried, my regrets heavier than any mistake

Anyone could’ve made before. But,

I hope you know I’ve been keeping your lyrics safe,

In the River of Loving You.